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Discover the complete 300 piece collection of Wilton Armetale® brand products at The Hayloft Shops. Choose from one of the country's largest selections of giftware, serveware and decorative accessories, including a broad selection of styling in shapes and designs for use throughout the home. Never needs polishing.

Each piece of Armetale is handcrafted.  Most Armetale pieces are made in a sand mold... a process developed over 2000 years ago. Sand molding ensures detail in design, while Wilton factory finishing processes soften the lines and sculptural aspects of each piece. Armetale products are not stamped out in mass production. If you look closely, you'll appreciate the feel of the soft undulating surfaces.

Becky’s Christmas Across America Ornament
Celebrating Ellis Island, NY
125th Anniversary
Honoring Immigration to the U.S.
Armetale has been the "STAR"
of The Hayloft Shops
for 45 Years

10.5 in. STAR Dish

Special Art Fair Price
Special Art Fair Price
Grillware - 15" Sizzle Platter

1.25” H x 6" W x 19” L
Weight: 2.25 lb.

Grillware - Fish Griller

1.25” H x 8.75" W x 18.75" L
Weight: 2.75 lb.

Grillware - Square Griddle w/Handles

1.5” H x 11.5" W x 20.25” L
Weight: 4.75 lb.
(9" x 9" cooking surface)

Grillware - 8" Saute/Fry Pan

1” H x 8" W x 14.25” L
Weight: 1.3 lb.
Grillware - 17" Divided Serving Tray

1” H x 8.5" W x 17” L
Weight: 4.1 lb.

Grillware - 21" Warming Tray

1” H x 6.25" W x 21” L
Weight: 2.8 lb.

Mendocino 14" Round Tray with Cheese Board and Spreader

1.5” Height x 14” Diameter
Weight: 95oz

Medocino Round Tray
Sweetgrass Medium Square Tray

1” H x 12.25” W x 14.24” L
Weight: 68oz

Alphabet Plate

1” Height x 9.25” Diameter
Weight: 24oz

Water Goblet

7.25” Height x 3.5” Diameter
Weight: 14oz; Cap 11oz

Laurelberry Divided Small Oval

Tray 1.25” H x 6.5” W x 13.5” L
: 27oz

Laurelberry Medium 3-Piece Salad Set

3” Height x 11.75” Diameter
Weight: 75oz; Cap 2.5qt


4.25” Height x 3.5” Diameter
Weight: 12oz; Cap 10oz.

Country French 3-Piece Dinnerware Set: Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, and Soup Bowl

3.25” Height x 10.75” Diameter
Weight: 71oz.

Country French Pitcher

9” Height x 5.25” Diameter
Weight: 51.5oz; Cap 1.5qt.

Grapes Standard Cooler

8” Height x 4.5” Diameter
Weight: 40oz; cap 1.5qt.

Large Tureen with Lid and Ladle Polished

8.5” Height x 9.5 ” Diameter
Weight: 100.5oz; Cap 3.5qt

Seashells Small Round Tray with Cheese Board & Spreader

1” Height x 12 ” Diameter
Weight: 63oz.

Use directly on the grill and easy cleanup!

Sauce Pot with Spout

Grill Tray

Sizzle Platter

Small Oval Au Gratin

Grillware 19" Vegatable Griller

Cook and Serve Vegetables/Baked Potatoes from Grill or Oven

Grillware Griddle 18"
Grillware/Stovetop Griddle for Oven

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