News from the Hayloft

Mossville Fall Festival
Sept. 7+8+9, 2001
Featuring Mr. Wilton from Wilton Armetale
Crafters outside on lawns
Mossville Fireman Pancake Breakfast
20% off most merchandise in shops that weekend
Lunch served, bake sale, etc.

Geiger Fashion Show
Sept. 28th + 29th, 2001

Peoria Lincoln Statue to be placed at Peoria Courthouse
Oct 14, 2001
The life size statue of Abraham Lincoln depicts Lincoln as he "draws the line" against the expansion of slavery in his Peoria speech on October 16, 1854. Small 10.5" Maquettes are being sold for $360 each to help pay for the statue. Contact us for further information. We carry the Lincoln statues in our store.

30th Annual Award Winning Hayloft Christmas Show
October 18-21, 2001

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